The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is committed to promoting excellence in LGBT health care. Mindful of the urgent need for doctors with expertise in LGBT-specific health issues, the School of Medicine has partnered with leaders in the LGBT medical community to create the Excellence in LGBT Health and Advocacy Scholarship. This scholarship will ensure that talented students who are committed to changing the future of LGBT medical care will have the opportunity to receive a quality medical education, and that Icahn alumni will be pioneers in this important and growing field.
This new fund will provide, in perpetuity, a significant scholarship to recruit one LGBT health and advocacy leader into every incoming class. This outstanding candidate will demonstrate high academic achievement as well as commitment to breaking through the lingering health barriers that face the LGBT community. An endowed LGBT health scholarship at one of the nations’ leading medical schools is an important milestone, and will encourage prospective medical students who are interested in improving the lives of LGBT patients to pursue their passion, regardless of their ability to pay.
Your contribution to this campaign will make a powerful statement in support of students who are fervent about LGBT medical care, and will help to give them the education they need to change the lives of their patients—and the future of medicine—for the better.


David Thomas, MD, MHPE, Patrick Mahanger, Peter Marchese, Kevin Baumlin, MD, Stephen Goldstone, MD, and Valerie Parkas, MD

Funding this scholarship is a way for us to ensure we are recruiting top applicants who are dedicated to pursuing LGBT health care initiatives…”



Mackie Spadaccini
Associate Director of Development
Medical Education
Mount Sinai Development Office


Richard Amiraian, MD
John Andrilli, MD
Kevin M. Baumlin, MD and Patrick M. Mahanger

Stephen E. Goldstone, MD and
Bruce O. Karp, Esq.

Janet Green and Marsha Stern
Rosanne M. Leipzig, MD, PhD and Ora L. Chaikin
David Muller, MD
The Palette Fund
David L. Reich, MD and Keith L. Marran, Jr.
Peter L. Shearer, MD and Daniel G. Gallagher
David C. Thomas, MD and Peter N. Marchese
Laurence J. Ufford, MD